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Legal - BloxPlay

At BloxPlay we respect the intellectual property of others and we ask you to do the same. A lot of content is generated and uploaded by our users (user generated content) and we do not knowingly host unauthorized copyrighted content on our platform. When you believe to have identified unauthorized usage of your copyrighted material, we ask you to contact us to remove the material in question. You can contact us by sending an e-mail by clicking here.

What should my removal request include?

If your request does not have sufficient information to process, we will reply back asking for missing information. Your removal request must include the following categories:

  1. Name of your company or institution and your full legal name - We would like to know who you are and the company or institution that you represent.
  2. One or more link(s) to the material(s) in question - We can only process removal requests when the material(s) in question is/are hosted at the following domain name: *, this includes and other subdomains under including the domain itself (
  3. Proof that you own the material(s) in question - We should be able to tell that you own the copyrighted material in question. If you represent a legal agent of a company or any other sort of institution, we ask you that you send an e-mail under the domain that represents the company or institution. To prevent fraud (eg: fake requests), valid e-mail headers must be present, since we can not verify the legitimacy of spoofed e-mails.
  4. One or more ways to contact you - When we have to reply to your request because it's invalid or it otherwise lacks information that we require, we must have a way to contact you. We prefer to communicate through e-mails, if e-mails can not be used for communication for any reason, you may include another way such as over the phone or otherwise.
  5. Good faith belief statement - We also request a statement, made under penalty of perjury, that the claim is accurate and that you are legally authorized by the copyright holder to send the request.
  6. Electronic or physical signature of the copyrighted work owner - To confirm that you are making the claim, we also ask you to include a signature. This can either be your (or the copyright holder's) physical or electronic signature.

FRIENDLY WARNING: Sending requests knowing that it is invalid is against the law, is illegal and you may be subject to prosecution. We will not process any request we believe is not legitimate and we may take legal action against you. You must be either the copyright holder or be authorized by the copyright holder to file a claim.