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Privacy Policy - BloxPlay
Privacy Policy

Effective as of the 10th of March, 2016

We care a lot about your privacy. This is why we think with privacy in mind when adding any feature to our platform. In order to provide you our services, we need to store some basic information about your account.

What kind of information is being stored?

We must store some information to provide you with our services. The amount of information depends on what you decide to post on our platform. All crucial information like your password are stored securely in such a way nobody including us can retrieve it.

Your username, e-mail address, IP address and password

This platform stores your username(s), e-mail address(es) IP address and password(s) to store your account. Without this information, we can not provide you our services. Below is outlined exactly why this information is stored:

  1. Usernames - Usernames are (often made up) aliases stored to identify one another on our platform. This information is required to login and find other users on both our website and game and is displayed on user profiles like this one
  2. E-mail address - E-mail addresses are stored for both security reasons and your convenience. We request you to verify your e-mail address immediately after you create your account so we can verify you are a legitimate human being trying to use our website. Your e-mail address can also be used to retrieve your account when you forget your password using the reset password by e-mail address functionality that we provide.
  3. IP addresses - IP addresses are stored for security and moderation purposes. Using your IP address, we are able to detect if you are really you using your own account and to find any violations of our terms of services within our platform. We reserve the right to block your IP address from our platform at any time for any reason.
  4. Passwords - Passwords are stored to secure our user accounts with a secret word and/or a combination of numbers. Your passwords are stored securely within our database server in such way that nobody including us, can retrieve your password. Without passwords, users can not access their account securely.
Two Step Verification

If your account has Two Step Verification enabled, we store a random set of characters that represent your private key that is being used to generate a randomized 6 digit code every 30 seconds. This private key is stored in an encrypted form and if a breach occurs, your private key is not at risk. We encourage our users to never share their private key with anyone, because it can also be used to reset their passwords using the reset password with two step verification feature if their account does not disallow it.

Content voluntarily posted by our users

We store user generated content posted voluntarily by our users to provide our users with user generated content. This content may include forum posts or user created items in our store. The amount of content that is stored in this category depends on the amount of content an user decides to share with our community. We highly encourage our users to never post any personal content. If you want your information removed because you (accidentally) posted such information, please contact our support team at for assistance.

Statistics, scores, virtual currency and counts

To keep the platform fun and challenging to our users, we store statistics about our users. Below is outlined what kinds of statistics we store:

  1. "Cubes" virtual currency - "Cubes" is our virtual currency used to and sell buy items for users' characters. This is increased over time (or when users sell items) and decreases when users buy virtual items. This value can only be seen by the user currently logged in and our administration team for moderation purposes.

  2. The amount of forum posts users have made - This is a number that indicates how many forum posts users have posted which increases when users post new messages on the forums and may decrease when moderators remove their messages whenever needed.

  3. Join dates - When accounts are created, a timestamp is recorded immediately during the creation of these accounts. These dates indicate when someone has joined our website and can be seen by everyone on either forum messages or their profiles

  4. Last seen dates - When users use our website, we record the timestamp of their last visit to measure if they are online or not. These dates indicate when someone has last visited our website and can be seen by everyone on their respective user profile

  5. Security related timestamps - For the security of our users, we store timestamps of users for whenever they change their password, email address or other security related features. The amount of dates that relate to this is not a constant value and can change over time

  6. User Generated Content timestamps "UGC" - To show relevant content to our users, we store timestamps of UGC when they are created. The amount of dates that relate to this is not a constant value and can change over time

Details relating to account sessions

For the convenience of our users, details are being stored when you login into any account. Owners of these accounts can see details of these sessions to make sure if their accounts are still safe. This information can not be seen by anyone other than the account owners. The information that we store in these cases are outlined below:

  1. User agents - This is a string of characters that can tell websites like ours what browser someone is using, and what OS (Operation System) someone is using

  2. Country codes - This is being stored so users can easily make sure if someone else is on their account or if they left a session running. More often than not, this makes the process of making sure nobody else is in their account(s) a lot easier

  3. Last used timestamp - This contains the time when the session in question was used for the last time

Is this information being sold to anyone?

We do not sell any user information to anyone. User privacy is our highest priority and we will never compromise your trust with us by selling your information to third party companies.

Some information is being shared with Google. By using our website, you agree to share some basic details with Google for the security of our users. The information that is being shared with Google is outlined below:

  1. reCAPTCHA - To prevent automated requests done by bots, BloxPlay uses reCAPTCHA to prevent that from happening. For reCAPTCHA to work, Google needs the amount of clicks you have made on reCAPTCHA, the current date, your language and any plug-ins you may have installed on your browser. In addition, reCAPTCHA may store cookies on your machine so your session is not immediately lost after you refresh your page, by using our website, you agree to using and storing cookies.

Cookie policy

Cookies are small text documents that store data temporarily located on your machine. These cookies may contain your session ID and other data to make sure you stay logged in and that other parts of our website stay functional. You may choose to disable cookies at any time but doing so may break site functionality such as logging in and other functionalities on other websites. By using our website, you automatically agree to the use of cookies for storing temporary data which is necessary for your use of our website.

Cookies may last for a week, up to one year depending on what kind of data is stored on it, cookies can track data like your session ID, user ID and tokens to make sure the site works optimally. Cookies assigned by this website is only shared between you and this website, or any third-party website if expressively defined in our policy.


We want to make sure our users have full control over their data, and we want to do this in the best way possible.

Breach notifications

We will inform all users of our platform when a breach occurs immediately. In addition to that, we will manually reset all passwords to protect our users.

Security of your data

All sensitive data is stored in such a way that nobody including us can read it. This applies to passwords and Two Step Verification keys. Other parts of data is stored in our database, and can not be read by anyone outside of the administration team. All user data will be kept in a confidential manner and will not be used outside of authorized locations.

Personal information removal requests

While we can not remove your account, we can disable it. If you wish to have your account disabled or personal information removed from any section of our platform, please e-mail us at with the e-mail address used to create your account. Make sure to include your username so we know who you are on our platform.
Note: We can not remove your e-mail address from your account, because you wouldn't be able to reset your password or send us support emails without it, if you don't want to have your e-mail linked, you can choose to change it. We can however, change your username if you need it changed if it contains personal information like your real name.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave us a message at and we will reply as soon as possible.

* We reserve the rights to change this policy with or without notice at any time. It is recommended that you regularly review this policy to make sure you still agree to this policy.